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We’ve committed ourselves to the idea that giving can be, should be…a joyful experience for everyone involved:

For those who give and those who RECEIVE.

Causes We Support

Giving Group Initiatives

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Kids Initiative

From the very beginning, helping kids was one of the main missions of Giving Group, from supporting local charities to making a direct impact on the kids of our community


Nominate a Veteran

The Nominate a Veteran program was created to make a real impact on the lives of active military and veterans in our community.


Pet Initiative

Our Pet Initiative is created to care for the pets and service animals who give our community unconditional love, and provide comfort to anyone who needs it.

Our mission is to give back and show them that we care


Children's Health & Education

Your donations will go towards supporting children in need of:

  • Food Shelter

  • Mental Health & Medical Funding

  • Child Protection Services

  • Educational Opportunities

Dog & Cat Pals

Pet & Wildlife Care

Your donations will go towards:

  • Supplies Donations (toys, bedding, food)

  • Animal Shelters Support

  • Veterinarian Care

  • Wildlife Solutions

Community Service

Community Development

Your donations will go towards programs such as:

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Neighborhood Clean up

  • Recreational Areas improvement

  • Assisting Families in need


Veterans Assistance

Your donations will go towards the betterment of our veterans' post-service lives:

  • Mental health programs

  • Post-service Acclimation to civilian life programs

  • Housing Support

  • Employment Support

Discover the Joy in Giving!

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